Will We See a New Digital Device?

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I cant help but wonder, will we see a new digital device at MacWorld? After having seen the iPod, I just cant get it out of my head that Apple would stop there. Steve did say that "we all like music, so thats what we STARTED with..." or someething to that effect when introducing the iPod.

Maybe some of the older iPod speculation about QuickTime and video/MPEG4 etc will be realized in another product.

Is this too soon after the iPod for another dvice, or is it the perfect time?


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    if the new iMac rumors are true no way.

    The mainstream media can only handle so much Apple news. Too many product changes and things are bound to get lost in the shuffle.
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    It's obvious that the iPod is just the begining. However, it is too soon for Apple to release something else.

    Its also possible that Apple won't release any new digital lifestyle devices for a loong time. What I'm thinkin here is that they just keep upgrading the iPod to do other operations as well. The name iPod doesn't have anything to do w/ music, but DOES sound like some tye of hub or sorts for various operations.

    Just my thoughts on the subject.
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    cdhostagecdhostage Posts: 1,038member
    I think that the iPod itself can be expanded.

    Hard drive, processors... it's a handheld computer. Nopt too powerful, and somewhat limited by its 1-bit screen, but versatile nonetheless.

    And all you (or Apple) have to do is write some new firmware. Voila! New HD for cameras /video cameras (maybe want a larger drive first for this) handhled gaming station ( silly Game Gear was much more powerful graphics)...
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