macbook pro doesnt find any partitions and doesnt boot from usb

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I was playing with the partitions, i used dd command to overwrite one partition to another and i messed up. When my macbook pro starts it doesnt find any partition to boot. Because my dvd drive is broken i created a bootable usb to boot from it. When i boot the computer and  press alt button, the bootable device is regognised regular but when i press enter or click on device icon to boot from it, it doesnt happen anything. Please help me.


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    Right, first of all which OS are you on? lion or mountain lion? or hell even snow leopard!? if L or ML then at boot-up does it show a Recovery partition? if so click that and go into Disk Utility-Partition tab-and create a new one then after creating it go back to the list of options and choose reinstall, from there I think its pretty self explanatory.


    If you you could specify what mac and what OS it was it would help! 

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    i use snow leopard


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    Originally Posted by gioullis View Post

    i use snow leopard



    Sorry you are gonna have to buy a Snow leopard CD or upgrade to lion or mountain lion.
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