Purported 5th-gen iPod touch Case

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I hope it's legit, at least. The iPod touch certainly needs an update. Shame there's no size reference anywhere, though. A larger one would shut up the smaller iPad stuff.


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    Could that second hole be for a stereoscopic camera?


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    Originally Posted by tonton View Post

    Could that second hole be for a stereoscopic camera?

    You know, I saw someone else say that on another site. I don't think that Apple would go 3D unless they could do it autostereoscopic (which would mean double the resolution AGAIN) and until they had the entire UI actually use the technology (we've seen some of their patents in that regard).


    The 3D we've seen so far, in my opinion, is just a gimmick. It needs to be fully incorporated into the UI and UX (some might say… seamlessly…) for it to make much sense to use. Now, the Nintendo 3DS? That's a good first step.

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