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Both Rolling Stones "Forty Licks" discs that I am burning have over 700mb worth of songs on them. How is it that they all can fit onto a 700mb disc?


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    Beats me. I have what appear to be otherwise normal CDs that have over 80 (just under 82) minutes of music on them. They must really burn to the edge on those things.
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    Weird. What does that say about the longevity of the disc? Err.. I mean will it last or will it be playable in most cd players?
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    This is due to a difference in the way data is stored on Audio vs. most other types of cd-roms.

    In particular, a data cd has a some data integrity features that are lacking on an Audio ceedee (leaving a little less room for actual data).

    Do not ask me, however, as to the nature of the beast. It might have to do something with redundant tracks (physically), or more spacing between tracks (meaning, again, physical, the nm between two adjoining tracks -if one can speak of those, since a cd is written as one spiral, or maybe that's just an audio cd, and a data cd is written as a hard-drive in concentric circles, divided in segments).

    Anyway, as you can see: I don't know the low-level materialization of this.

    However, I thought all cd's said: 700 MB (80 min.) and/or 650 MB (74 min.)?

    It is really only time that counts with an audio cd. I bet you won't fit 82 minutes on a 700 MB cd, but you will fit 79 without a problem (totalling, oddly enough, a near 800 MB).

    Maybe someone else can explain what happens on a lower level, for it is not a unintriguing question.
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    oh, about the 'longevity': as this is completely normal for an audio cd, it will not last shorter, or be less playable than any other home-burnt audio cd. (one thing that does seem to matter is the physical thickness of the CD-R. some cd-rs are these flimsy see-through thingys that make most every cd-player -especially one older than a a year or two, three- choke. Steer clear of those - actually, I had some that even the DVD drive in my old G3 powerbook wouldn't read -).
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