iPhone 4s BACK CASE

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Hi I'm here to ask some questions about my iPhone 4s, because I've been wondering if my iPhone is fake or something because it seems like I'm just the only one who has different iPhone back case. Because the other iPhone back case has a lot of caution icons at the back but mine only has 1. So can someone answer my question here's the picture of my iPhone 4s and on the right side is the common iPhone 4s back case. 


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    Possibly, unless the back panel's labels change language depending on where you are. You've Chinese characters all above there, so if that's what legit iPhones over there use, then it's possible it's real.

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    Does it WORK ?!

    Does it run iOS 5.1?

    Is it able to register with Apple?


    Then what's to worry about either way?

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    Originally Posted by KingOfSomewhereHot View Post

    Then what's to worry about either way?


    If he ever needs actual support with it or wants to be sure he isn't being monitored… 

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    It works actually even the iOS 5.1 works and I was able to register with Apple, all am I worrying about this is that it might be fake not like the other iPhone that has the common back case and same icon that it really has.

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    Like others have said... Different countries require different "tags" on electronic equipment retail sales.

    Take it in to an Apple store and ASK them if it's legit.
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    I like that one two, actually I also looking for this one but in bunny type of casing which can make my iPhone looks beautiful.

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