Quicktime bug? in 10.8.1 noticed it in 10.7 as well

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So I was watching a movie last night on my laptop and when I stopped it (cmd Q) I thought QT had stopped, but when I went to emty my trash, I got the error message that the file was  still in use. However (cmd tabbing) through my open apps, QT was not one of them that was running. However when I did a force quit, QT was on the list off apps that was running, however not when (cmd tab'd ). I noticed this odd behavior in Lion as well, just now getting around to saying something. Anybody else notice this?


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    Yeah, that happens. You have to quit QuickTime.

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    Well I noticed it with other apps now yesterday as well. Mainly calendar. It was not showing up on as being active on the dock or app switcher, but bringing up force quit window it showed as being sill open. Very weird. It must be a bug I would think. A minor one if that. Odd that Apple would have missed this if it is a bug.

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    Still experiencing this weird open app issue, with it not showing as running in the dock but it is in the Force Quit dialog box.


    Anybody else notice this?

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