screen dies after system install

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I just finished a clean install of os X (and OS9.2 )on a DVD imac (CRT type). All went well till restarted after installing os9. The screen was all odd colours then finally after a couple more restarts no image at all.

I know system is working (in osX) since I can reboot from the keyboard.

I tried resetting PRAM and the install was on reformated drive.

Is this an unholy coincidence or could the install have caused this?

and is there any thing else I can try?


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    I need more information. Does the computer boot into OS X?
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    yes is booting into X. the screen has come to life a bit , but is horribly distorted and blurred. Must be video card related.

    Aaprt from that seems to work

    rebooted into os 9 and off CD and same thing
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    You need to upgrade your firmware.
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    Thats great- fixed it like a charm


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