problem installing QuickTime 6

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Running 10.1. Currently have QT5 installed. When I run the QT6 installation package, I get as far as selecting the volume to install on. ALL the partitions are greyed out and I can't pick any of them. I am logged in as an admin user. I checked privileges on the partition I use for installations ( the one with OS X on it ), and it does say admin, so no worries there.

What could be keeping it from letting me choose a volume?



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    [quote]Originally posted by msnotesgod:

    <strong>What could be keeping it from letting me choose a volume?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I had a similar problem (not being able to choose a partition/drive) when trying to install a system update once. Problem was, I found out, that I hadn't installed a Security Update that was required.

    My advice to you: double check the system requirements for Quicktime 6.

    On the apple site, there are versions for:

    Â*Mac OS X v10.2 Â?JaguarÂ?

    Â*Mac OS X v10.1.3-10.1.5

    Â*Mac OS 8.6/9

    Â*Win 98/NT/Me/2000/XP

    So, your version of 10.1 might not have been upped to 10.1.3 (at minimum), or you may have caught the Jaguar version.

    The system requirements should be in the accompanying Read Me file. It's probable that you picked up a version not meant for your system.
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    That was precisely it - - downloaded a security update which then allowed Software Update to retrieve 10.1.5. Now, question is, why didn't Software Update sense the need for the security update? Either way, QT6 is now happy. Thanks!
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