powerbook cdrw issues

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the cdrw on my new powerbook will burn cds

just fine & then refuse to read them

this started about 2 days ago

tried cleaning the lens & tested by burning

a few folders/files to cd using toast under

osx 10.2.2

the cd reads fine under win2k but wont read

under osx.....

this ti800 was purchased in sep & ive hardly used

it apart some coding work.it mostly sits at home

cant believe the cdrw would die this quickly

anyone any suggestions ?




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    Make sure you're burning the right kind of filesystem onto the CD. You may want to try booting into OS 9, if installed, and see if Mac OS 9 can read the CD. If so, you should probably try a clean install of X on the PowerBook. What kind of CDR media is it?

    If you can get 9 to read it though, that rules out hardware issues and narrows it down to OS X...
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    dont have os9 installed...pure osx

    fs is iso 9660

    now iso cd will read on the pc but not on

    the mac that burnt it....

    so it burns cds fine but then wont read them

    i can formatting & reinstalling,, but it feels like a hw issue at this point so if anyone else

    has had a similar issue please post

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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    What the heck is going on with macs and opticals??? I keep reading about these problems with burnt discs? WTF... I've burned some pretty shitty discs here on my trusty old PC and I never have a problem in other PC optical drives? what gives?
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    memorex cdr

    ive made about 10 cds & they all read fine

    the next 8-9 wont...

    i tried different brands & all have the same problem.

    it is a clean install of osx....

    reinstall ?? you gotta be joking, its unix

    not windows.....
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    update.....called apple & since its after 90

    days they will not respond to the problem

    will see what the local apple store has to say

    matsu is partially correct, i have a 4 year old

    plextor cdrw on my pc thats still running fine

    the only cdr that ever gave me problems were made

    by phillips which were really bad quality wise
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