Help with seeing fonts?

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does anyone know of a way to print out the name of every font installed on my iMac in its own font in a single document?

I'm asking as not all of my design software shows what the font looks like when choosing one and I can't/won't remember what Collonade (for example) looks like! It would be handy to have a reference document.

I know, I could do it manually, but..........




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    My OS 9.2.2. using sweetheart has about six font tool apps that he uses whenever he needs to work with fonts: no single tool does it all. Some are good for previewing (like FontCat), some for printing out custom samples (like Lemke's FontBook). Trying to send all of your fonts at once to your printer could cause a ton of headaches.

    OS X can run a print sampler for you, but it doesn't include all the fonts in your system (since they are in several folders). If Font Reserve can do it for all fonts on the computer, I'll let you know, since I haven't tried it yet.
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    A friend of mine writes an app called typeset. Check <a href=""; target="_blank">it</a> out
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    Thanks Mount - could be just what I need.

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