Webcam as security device?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I want to set up a webcam or two in my house and be able to view the scene remotley, like when I'm on vacation. Can this be done in conjunction with Apple's iDisk/HomePage?

I'd like the feed from the webcams to go directly to a webpage (password protected, of course) that I could log into from any computer with internet access. I could then view live shots of my living room, garage, whatever. What would I need to do this in OS X 10.2.2 with a Dual-Gig PowerMac (SDRAM). I also have an iBook (Dual-USB) that could potentially run a second camera. Both computers are connected wirelessly through my home network with AirPort sharing a cable modem connection to the net. I'm hoping to avoid setting up my own server, instead using my Apple HomePage.


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