Iphone 5 internal speaker

in iPhone edited January 2014
Does anyone know if the internal speaker has been improved?
I know the ear piece speaker for the phone has been updated

The internal speaker in my iPhone 4 is barely audible at full volume
If I play a You Tube video or listen to music, I have to hold the phone
near my ear to hear it

It would be nice to know if they addressed this problem


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    That's not a problem, that's by design.

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    That's not a problem, that's by design.



    I would love to have my i4 much louder.


    What can be done to hack it?

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    Originally Posted by wwwheaty View Post

    What can be done to hack it?


    It's a speaker; you can't really hack it. You're not going to get room-filling sound from a cell phone speakerphone feature.


    Question based on personal experience: Do you find that the speaker can be inordinately loud when there are no other sounds but not nearly loud enough when there are? Or are you not finding it audible at any ambient level?

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    I know that the internal speakers are 20% and there's now 5 magnet transducers (instead of 3) for 'richer sound' (I read it on Digitaltrends.com). I have no idea if that means louder sound or not though...

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    Cool............ It's authentically looking cool. The incredible feature about iPhone really sounds great!


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