how to protect my phone line when on the net?

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I use the internet a lot at home via a 56k line and X on a dual 450. recently I have been getting mailed by companies I've never heard of telling me that a call has been made via my phone line to them and that I am now a valued customer of their premium rate lines ! :confused:

the letters invaraibly tell met that an electronic call had been made to their lines :confused: :confused:

I get a lot of pop ups when I browse in IE. could sites I'm visiting be bouncing me to phone lines or sending my details to other companies? If so, how do I stop this? How can I make sure that a web site can't bounce my details to someone else or that a site or pop up can't make a call from my phone to another phone?

Or am I just being paranoid

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    ur being paranoid. u, or someone else, is prolly giving ur p-hone no. away.

    i think it might be technically possible for them to get ur fone number from ur modem [maybe], but i dont think this [feature] was ever made available.
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    spookyspooky Posts: 504member

    I'm kinda freaked by the whole thing although your reply has made me feel a little less exposed. The letter has my address and says that my modem was used to make a call to them and that they got my details by finding out who the phone belongs to. Its really weird. Does X have a built in Firewall? can I tweak it?

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    Yes. You need OS X 10.2, then simply go into System Preferences, click Sharing and click the Firewall tab. If you have an earlier version of OS X, download Brickhouse - it's a good GUI to OS X's built in firewall. In 10.2, Apple finally made its own interface to the firewall so you don't need Brickhouse.
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