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just got my 17" iMac two days ago

I got the home network up and running in no time, exept for the printer. Its a lexmark Z35 usb. Connected directly to either the mac or winxp box, no problems. Connected to the mac and shared via DAVE almost no problems exept for some misaligenment, wich I can't seem to get rid off with the allignment tool. And since my girlfriend does most of the printing on her winxp box I thought it would be easier for her to connect the printer on that machine. When the printer is connected to the XP box I can see it on my mac, select the printer, but can't select the right printer model. I can choose Generic, ESP (wich has a list of printermodels but no lexmark) and the other.. This option is the one I thought I should select. But what do I have to do, where can i find the printer description for the lexmark z35? I'm stuk. Can some enlighten me?


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    thanks for the advidce. But unfortunatly it didn't work The Lexmark Z35 isn't supported by GimpPrint. Does somebody no where I can find the ppd on my computer that the official lexmark installer installed? (if that's even possible)
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