Video Gamma Compensation In FCP3?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I've just shot a mini-documentary which is (obviously) never going to be on TV, it's strictly going to be seen on computer monitors in QuickTime ... the problem?

The same fricken problem as always, the Gamma settings on computer monitors isn't the same as that on Television monitors, so the shots all look too dark. (anybody who's ever imported a slightly dark video shoot off a DV camera and looked at it on the computer screen knows exactly what I'm talking about).

What bugs me is this problem is SO STANDARD, there should be a simple button you could push and just have it adjusted automatically, unfortunately, there isn't (AFAIK), so I'm fishing around in the color corrector trying to compensate manually - and it sucks.

Does anybody know the standard hoops to jump thru to adjust DV who's gamma needs to be adjusted from Television to Computer screen?

(they shoulda stuck a button in FCP or iMovie ages ago)

Thanks in advance



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