Americans Have Spent $5.9 Billion on Damaged iPhones

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Americans Have Spent $5.9 Billion on Damaged iPhones


The latest SquareTrade iPhone study is out, and the revelations in it are sure to shock. The biggest news out of it? iPhones break, and that costs Americans a pretty penny!


  • Damaged iPhones have cost Americans $5.9 billion since 2007

  • 30% of iPhone owners have experienced accidental damage in the past 12 months

  • 17% of iPhone owners have damaged an iPhone more than once

  • 6% of iPhone users have taped up their phone

  • 1% of iPhone owners use phones with cracked screens

  • Accidental damage is 10 times more common than either loss or theft for iPhone users

  • Half of iPhone users under 35 have had an accident


Top 5 iPhone Accident Scenarios

  • Fell out of my hand: 30%

  • Immersed in liquid: 18%

  • Fell out of my lap: 13% 

  • Knocked off a table: 11%

  • Liquid spilled on it: 9%


So...what's more shocking? That Americans 6% of iPhone have taped up their phone, or that 11% have a cracked screen?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,406moderator
    russell wrote:
    that costs Americans a pretty penny!

    Since 2007, around 280 million iPhones have been sold. If 30% have been broken that means $5.9b on 90m iPhones = $70 per broken iPhone. That's not too bad for a $500 phone.

    Plus these numbers include replacement phones.

    When you see numbers like these, it really puts it in perspective how popular the iPhone is.
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    I think America is the only country where Iphone is very famous, since only the American can afford the price of Iphone. It is very costly for other country. England horse

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