Printer not available after 1 print job

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

I am having a strange problem with my printer and I need some expert advice.


Here is my set-up in basic terms.  I have a wireless DSL router that is connect via ethernet cable to iMac(a), also connected via ethernet to that router is an AirPort Extreme, with a USB Printer connected to that (AirPort).  In addition, I have another iMac(b), and a MacBook Pro connected to my DSL router wirelessly.


iMac(a) is an older iMac running SnowLeopard

iMac(b) is a newer iMac running Mountain Lion

MacBook Pro is a couple of years old and I just upgraded it to Mountain Lion


I believe all OS's and drivers are up to date.


Now the fun comes that I can print usually only 1 job to the printer (after turning it off and on) from say the MacBook Pro, then the printer can't be found until, I turn the printer on and off again.  This seems to also be true of my iMac(b).  Again, I have to turn the printer off and on for the printer to be found and actually print, not the router or the AirPort.  The AirPort remains visible in the wireless network list.


Printer is an HP Colorsmart 3180


Any ideas?  Thanks in advance. 

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