DVD Player Green Line

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Hi, I got my powerbook yesterday. 1Ghz Superdrive, I'm a switcher and love my new machine.

I have no dead pixels on my screen. However, when I play a DVD through Apple DVD Player there is a green line across the screen where the bottom of the video is playing (Eg at the top of the bottom black strip or right at the bottom of the screen for a non-widescreen dvd.) This is solid green when on a completely black background and while the video is playing parts of the green line go red.

When I play the same DVD in VideoLan VLC I cannot see this green line.

What is wrong with DVD Player and how can I solve this as I would prefer to use DVD Player.

I have tried this with a number of DVD's eg Gladiator and Any Given Sunday which all have this problem,they are perfect shop bought DVD's not copied.

Thanks for all your help in advance.

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