Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Iphone 5

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is my thoughts on both phones. I posted them on here


Now these are my views. They are not biased. I just think one phone is just miles ahead, while another is lagging behind like it's operating system.


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    Thanks for review Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Iphone 5.


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    Hi there, thanks for the link to the review. I have to say, I found it very useful - the point you raised in the conclusion about the S3 being outmoded because it doesn't offer 4G was the clincher.


    In my research I came by another good review blog, called iPhone white. They also gave a balanced account. I'm pretty much decided that I'm going to go Apple this time, it'll be my fist iPhone so I want to make sure I've go access to to the right kind of info.


    Thanks again!

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