iTunes Match broken on IOS devices

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THe IOS6 upgrade has broken iTunes Match!  


I can only download full albums to my iPhone 4S using the service, not individual tracks, and then cannot delete anything without switching off the service first.  


Then switching iTunes Match back on wipes all music off and I have to start again.  


This makes the service completely useless! Back to WiFi syncing for me, and a cancellation of iTunes match if Apple fail to fix it.


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    Yep, it was better before. Hopefully Apple will get some feedback and realize that, and they will fix it in a future update.


    I'm not saying that these are optimal solutions, but here are two work arounds that I discovered for downloading individual tracks, and not just albums.


    (1) You can download an Album, and then click on stop for all the songs that you do not want.


    (2) You can make a playlist with just one song in it, and then download the playlist.

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    The still operates the old way. I have a few music vids in iTunes Match that open in the videos app and its still good old swipe to delete. 


    Fingers crossed it gets changed back in the

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