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I am not sure when this started, but I am pretty sure it was with iOS 6.


Has anyone else experienced major improvements with Mail syncing across all types of email accounts (Apple, Google, Yahoo, etc etc)?


I have around 7 different email addresses linked in my iPhone, iPad and Mac:  1 from university, 1 from work, 4 from Google, and 1 from Apple).  I rarely use the Apple email address, because I gave it a dumb name, and can no longer change it as it used to be under .me or something like that.  However, when I would occasionally accidentally use it, the syncing across devices was by far the best.  Receiving emails, across the devices always worked the best, but deleted emails worked better as did the status (read vs unread)  But in all other non Apple emails, Receiving was always in sync, but deleted emails and read/unread status was always spotty.


Now, magically everything is in perfect sync.  And all of it pretty much instantaneously, regardless of which email account.  It was never a HUGE deal, but deleting the same email separately on several devices was a little annoying.  This improvement is quite nice.


I haven't actively used VIP, but that feature is a nice option. 


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    I'll have to give it more time to tell. With my 4S, sometimes I wouldn't get emails until I manually refreshed, and couple times I had to power the phone off/on. So far it's very fast delivery on the 5, though.

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