Status updates on iPhone orders from the "October Fifthies:"

in iPhone edited January 2014
I am curious how things are going for the other "second wave" recipients. If you are so inclined, perhaps it would pass the time while waiting for our deliveries if we were to compare timeframes and events. I'll go first to give the general form:

I ordered a white 16GB ATT iPhone at 10:20 EST, and I received a 2 weeks/Oct. 5th deliver date.

It switched from "processed" to "preparing shipment" on the 20th.

It jumped to shipped on the 21st, and I got a tracking number for UPS.

UPS tracking doesn't give a delivery date at this point, but it has left China (via Hong Kong) and arrived in Anchorage, but it has since departed.

Still no shipping date, but my guess would be it will be in San Jose, CA (~30 mins south of where I live) by tomorrow morning.

Which has me wondering, is it going to arrive monday... or?

Probably shouldn't get my hopes up too high, since the orders that arrived Friday took 5 days to reach their destinations, but perhaps that was intentionally held back.

Any of the other Fifthies out there with delivery dates?
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