Pictures of iPhone 5 on Apple's website appear different from actual phone.

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I'm not sure if anyone noticed but if you look at the materials used on the actual iPhone camera and flash, the website shows an aluminum trim around the holes for both phones.  My black iPhone appears to have a smaller ring around the camera lens and no trim around the flash hole.  The flash hole appears being flush vs. the recessed flash hole with an aluminum trim shown on their website.  The pic i'm referring to is on the iPhone main page.  6th pic clearly shows an aluminum recessed ring around the flash.  Was wondering if this was the same case as the white version. Maybe it's only shown on that one pic.


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    Those aren't pictures; they're renders. That'd explain any discrepancy.

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    i thought of that too but thought they looked too good to be renders.  i think i figured it out though.  apple removed the protective lenses for the photos to eliminate reflection.  that's why they looked different.

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    i thought of that too but thought they looked too good to be renders.


    That sounds like the opposite of how it works. Renders have a simplicity in their lighting and material properties that reality reveals as incorrect.


    Click for full size.


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