Music player & iTunes in iOS 6 a complete disaster!

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OMG it wouldn't let me play any of my music today. It would skip through like 6 songs I purchased off iTunes. Then I thought ok well then let me try to re-download my music and couldn't do that either as iTunes would only let me stream my music. I don't want to stream anything. I want to download the music to the device. I am completely upset about this. Definitely tarnishes Apple's reputation and I will be hesitant to recommend Apple products going forward. 


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    How does this change your established position?

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    Yeah, I have iTunes Match and the music player is now changed in iOS 6.


    It streams by default now, but I found a workaround, because I needed to download a few songs to import them into the DJAY app.


    If you want to download, just go to album, and hit the cloud button underneath the album, then it will download the album to your device, and not just stream it.

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