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I've been reading AI since 2006 when I first switched to a Mac, and today marks the last day I will visit the site. The new layout is poor enough but bearable, but this quote:

[quote]It shouldn't be surprising that Apple is prioritizing its iOS 6 Maps rollout to favor huge markets like the U.S. and China over remote islands, at least in its first few weeks on the market.[/quote]

...from DED's article on iOS maps not being as bad as all us ungrateful customers claim, was the last staw.

As a resident of one of those "remote islands" I find his remark offensive and xenophobic. I'm sure wallowing around San Fransisco capturing screenshots on his iPhone must be this hack's dream job, but he seems to have forgotten that there are other places and other opinions besides the ones he holds dear. Unfortunately his disdain towards anyone who doesn't share his opinion - and now his disdain towards anyone outside of Apples Flyover coverage - is rubbing off on AI too. Allowing him to post his drivel - and then stalk the forums as "Corrections", firing off insults and arrogance at anyone who disagrees with him - is a poor decision, and one I hope continues to lose them readers.


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    Your quote, right here, on its own, has nothing at all offensive in it whatsoever.


    If he said more that was offensive elsewhere in the article, that's another story. But then that begs the question why you wouldn't have quoted that instead.


    If the problem lies in the presentation of the position he has taken—say, implying that people in these remote places should inherently expect less of Apple—that's wrong, and I agree. But what you've quoted above isn't incorrect on its own.

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