IPhone 5 wi-fi loses password

in iPhone edited January 2014

When I log into my home wireless network I enter the password and everything is fine.   The problem is every time I want to access my home wireless network I have to enter the password, the phone (or phone operating system) doesn't save the password.  I have a IPhone 4 with IOS 5.1 and this older phone works just fine, it saves the password and all I have to do is select the network and it connects automatically.   Its only the newer IPhone 5 with IOS 6.0 that doesn't save the password.


Has anyone else experienced this ?    Is there something new with IOS 6.0 that I have to do to save a password ?


I updated the new release from Verizon (13.1) but it had no effect on the problem.  I've already tried Apple support, they had me download a new clean version of IOS 6.0 onto the phone, with no improvement.  Then the engineers got involved and started a lot of nonsense discussion that did not address the problem.  Gee, I was surprised.   Almost seems like they're stalling until they can fix it in the next release.


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    Never mind.    I downloaded Verizons 13.1 upgrade and later in the day, wireless started working correctly.   Guess they figured it out.

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