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I noticed that I now have domain for my email addresses (including my wife's). The MBA, iMac, two iPads and two iPhones in my household were all asking if the email addresses can be used to received messages, FaceTime calls, etc. I checked the accounts setting on Mail on the MBA and it automatically set up the address to go with the address. I tried sending and receiving from the new address but it's not working. Anyone else notice this? I guess this is Apple's plan in motion to transfer all addresses to


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    They're separate. Apple isn't moving anything already established. If you have an account, that's your account. The same name under an account can be owned by someone else.

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    Okay. But I'm wondering why Apple added the to my "master" account? When I go to Preferences on Mail and click on the Accounts section, the email address has been added to the Alias. I didn't add this myself. I can also receive iMessages to this address. But when I try sending a test email to the address, it doesn't go through. Just curious what this is about.

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    Okay, I get it now. Just looked it up on Apple's Support site:


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