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Hello there,


After several years of successfully posting on these forums with my previous username of "scotty321", I was apparently given an infraction for posting something that was against the forum's terms of conditions. I'm GUESSING that this is what happened, because I was never alerted to an infraction, but suddenly my username no longer had any privileges on the forums anymore, including reading private messages. I no longer had permission to read my 1 new incoming private message (which I assume was trying to tell me that I received an infraction??), I could no longer reply to any message threads, I could no longer edit my profile details, I could no longer start a new post, nothing. So to this day, I still have no idea what I did wrong or what I can do to "release" my old username from purgatory. I sent MULTIPLE emails to the support staff (outside of the forums... just using a normal email client) and nobody ever got back to me. Can somebody please explain to me what happened, why my entire account was shut down, and what I can do to "release" my old username from purgatory? It doesn't make sense that I had to create a completely brand new username just to try to find out what happened to my old username, and that nobody even responded to my emails. 





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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,171moderator
    Someone issued an infraction a few days ago and then reversed it but it didn't unban the account. Check if you can login now and I'll get rid of this new account as you can only have 1 active account.
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    Great, thanks so much, Marvin! My old username works again! :) Thanks so much for your help, and you can go ahead and delete this account.

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