accidental power down leds to VERY slow computer that is now basically not usable...

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my daughter turned off the power strip accidently while on the computer and it caused major problems. It would not restart, just had the grey screen and spinning disc for over an hour. So i started up from the OS X cd and ran disc the computer starts up but is unusablily slow....ran a fsck -y and it says that the system is fine. But there is no start up sounds, nor power down sounds, if that is a hint to the problems. I guess i will try a clean install next, but it seems like it may be a hardware problem. What could have been fried with the accidental power down??? it's not like we haven't kicked the strip before, or that the power has never gone out with the computer on before either....thanks g

it also seems the the HD is making alot of sound now too, but i just may not be use to it as i always use the new iMac now....the kids are using an iMac DV 400 running 10.2.2 with 386 of ram....the ram is seen in system profiler, so i don't think that is fried....g

will run apple hardware test next, then a clean install, then...??? maube a new computer for xmas?? the only thing i installed on there computer lately was keychain repair and the stuff in software update (carbon sound manager update 6.0.2)...

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    Wow, I got your instant message. I don't have much else I can say, though. It looks like you are taking the right steps to repair everything.

    Had you by any chance enabled journaling? If so, that should have greatly reduced any filesystem damage. If the media is physically damaged, though.... hrmm, you might be SOL. <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />

    Whenever there is a major surge, sag, spike, or dip in the power, any of a great number of components can be damaged. The only good way to test everything at home would be to have another healthy system with which you could swap out components to compare. Aside from that, if you can find a local certified Apple repair store, I'd have them check it out.

    Best of luck to you with the repairs. Maybe it is time to be getting that new Powerbook after all.
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    Bah, it's working fine now, you say?

    You just had to go and get my hopes up for nothing.
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    thanks for the reply brad...and the sympathy.....but it should be "sim"pathy as i is stupid.....girl's computer is running fine now....went to apple site and the knowledge base....then i went through a few steps this way and that...but i totally avoided one of the first steps the apple site told me to do...thought to my clever self, "nah, that won't work, this is too complicated of a problem for that simple fix"....but as my idol and mentor would say, "D'oh"....the simple fix worked....all i had to do was pull all the usb and firewire devices off except the mouse....and then restart and it ran in the usb hub and the firewire burner and that old iMAC DV was as good as, always start simple and then go to the hard sh!t....lesson learned, lesson learned....just glad it is up and running as i love that old iMac and hope it lasts awhile longer....but i will still be getting an iBook in the spring...we need lots of computers in this house....ha.......g

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