Western Digital blows: Alternatives?

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OK. This past summer I wanted a bigger internal HDD. So I bought a WD drive. It was DOA. I returned it and got another one. It's starting to make funny noises after not quite 3 months of light use.

Guess which brand I'm not going to replace it with.

Any suggestions? Is Seagate still good? Has IBM licked the problems they were having with the DeskStar series? Any other recommendations?

This year marks is the first time I've had HDD problems since HDDs first appeared for Macs, and I've had two. Someone is going to get hurt.

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    IBM has pulled out of the HD market. i believe they outsource 100% of their drives now.

    I'd always had good luck with Maxtor of all brands. dunno why, but i always thought of them as a poor knock-off type brand, but i've had excellent luck with them.

    I've owned at least one of every kind of drive. when i make purchases now, i always go Maxtor, although i've had good luck with WD as too, so go figure.

    i think the biggest problem is that everyone is going with 7,200 RPM drives nowadays, and i'm still not sure that i trust them. every drive i had go bad was a 7,200 RPM, never lost a single 5,400 RPM drive.

    who knows.

    i think every person has a horror story to go with every brand, and every person will be able to sing the praises of at least one brand.
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    Yeah, I've had good experience with Maxtor also. I've bought five or six Maxtor drives for myself and colleagues over the past couple of years and they all have worked flawlessly.

    By the way, doesn't purchasing advice go in General Discussion?

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    [quote]Originally posted by Brad:


    By the way, doesn't purchasing advice go in General Discussion?


    I suppose it does. I put it here because my HDD was dying. Duh. Not thinking.

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