Snow Leopard, Bootcamp, Need copy of Windows, Free...Possible?

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I have exhausted myself searching the internet for a free copy of windows and I need help. Here is my situation:


I've been on Mac for 6 years now and have nothing but macs in my home. I run a home-based business and have discovered a custom piece of software through a friend of a friend who designed and compiled it that can save me literally hundreds of hours of research work and I'm neck deep in projects right now. The problem is it only runs on windows and I don't have a copy of that. I also have no useable cash until December.


This is probably the only time I will ever need to run a windows program. I downloaded the trial version of CrossOver and it successfully installed this custom software on my mac but it crashes when I try to run it.


I'm fine with installing Bootcamp but I need a free version of windows. I don't care if its a trial version or whatever. Something to get me through to December and then I'll buy a full version of windows and Parallels.


I'm running OSX 10.6.8.


Can anyone please provide a link where I can download Bootcamp for Snow Leopard and also provide a link where I can download a free full version of windows, trial or otherwise? 


If this is possible, thank you very much!




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