locking 2nd generation AirPort Express to 5 GHz

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hello, this is my first thread.

I use a second generation Airport Express base station, Ethernet fed with category 6 cable, Radio Mode locked to 5 GHz* for best data throughput, the station close to my iPad 2. The set up has improved video streaming performance significantly. No YouTube video streaming freezing so far.

* But I am not sure I have locked 5 GHz, though...

This is what I have done via iOS AirPort Utility -

Edit > Advanced  > WiFi Settings > 5 GHz Name: AirPort Lounge -

Radio Mode > Manual > Automatic Off > 5 GHz Mode > 802.11n only (5 GHz) > 802.11n only (5 GHz) ticked. Automatic off to allow access to 5 GHz only.

Radio Channel > Manual > Automatic On > 5 GHz Channel 149. Automatic on to allow switching between 5 GHz channels.

Re. the 2.4 GHz band. Radio Mode left as default, i.e. 802.11n (802.11b/g compatible). Radio Channel Manual, Automatic Channel off, manually set to 11, as the default channel was too crowded. 


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