Does Apple's new Space Ship HQ have bad Feng Shui?

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Sure the whole Feng Shui thing has a lot of BS wrapped in it, but one would think there would be a science behind the validity if certain structural designs help foster creativity and success while others might hinder it.’s-proposed-headquarters-could-spell-bad-news


"Apple’s new building, with its one mile circumference and one-third mile diameter center, is disproportionate. The open green space in the center is too large and the only focal point is the empty green space. This emptiness, or the lack of a focal point, symbolizes that the soul is missing. This could be the coincidental reflection of the missing of Steve Jobs. But when the focal point, known in feng shui as the energy spot, is empty, no other design features are significant, no matter how elegant and  innovative the design."



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    If it does, it's because they couldn't buy that apartment block like they wanted. Hopefully they CAN still get that before construction starts and change the plans.


    Imagine how big this thing was SUPPOSED to be. This is the compromise size.

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    mikeb85mikeb85 Posts: 506member

    Doesn't surprise me.   Not that it matters.  Feng Shui is most closely associated with Taoism.  Of course, Zen Buddhism has Taoist influence, Steve Jobs was a Zen Buddhist - but then again he was a bad Buddhist...  

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    They could always turn it into a mini Hadron Collider.
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