iMessage problems

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Similar to a couple weeks ago, our iMessages aren't working (everything is sending as texts) and they're acting real glitchy (messages sending two or three times). I can't find anyone talking about iMessage troubles on here and Apple Support didn't know of anything.


Is anyone else having trouble?


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    One possible solution for many issues on the iPhone is corrupt software. That's why the support page on pushes restoring the phone for so many things. The key is after you do it, don't restore any backups, you'll just put the crappy stuff back on. Although I've restore from iCloud for a couple of things like battery issues and been fine.
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    Possibly you don't see anything about it on here because iMessages is so crappy that everyone gave up on it and reverted back to SMS long ago.



    I know... a lot of people still use it!


    But for me, iMessage sucked... it was slower, unreliable, and was sending messages to wrong people, not very good at reverting to SMS once I left the WiFi signal... I tried it out because my kids wanted to be able to text me (and me to them... the littlest ones don't have phones yet) from their iPods.  But with unlimited SMS on the family phone plan, there's really no point in using an inferior service like iMessage. 

    It's too bad... The idea ... being able to text from iPods and iPad and iMac is a great idea... Apple just doesn't seem to have all the kinks worked out yet.

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