Retina Macbook Pro Flicker

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My Retina Macbook Pro has been having intermitent flickering of parts of the screen lately. A reset of the PRAM solves it for a day, but I feel it may be a bug of 10.8.2. Thoughts?


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    I too am having this issue. I simply restart my computer and it goes away for a while. I updated to 10.8.2 the other day and that's when it started happening. I hope this is a software bug and not a hardware issue.


    Seems like a few other people are having it too, though not exactly the same way I'm having it.

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    I did a full clean reinstall of the OS and it got worse instead of better. It's a hardware issue. I'm taking my computer into an Apple store soon.

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    sirdirsirdir Posts: 114member

    I'm having the same issue since a few weeks now...

    10.8.3 beta began with severe graphics problems (up to crashing), with later betas I started getting those 'flickers'. I'm still hoping it's a software issue.

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