Hey Guys - What's Apple Really Up To Here?

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Apologize for the length. I'm a longtime lurker, newbie poster, but here goes: 


I'm a Wordpress guy. Love using themes and I can change things around well enough to suit my needs. Still, the idea of building my own themes/templates from scratch is absolutely daunting. Truly deep customization is not in my skill set at this point. Some would say "who cares?" Just use the many, many premium templates, child themes, and customize to your heart's content, right?


My question is this: will that matter (and should it matter) in the near future? There's a real separation between hand-coders and developers and designers - and someone like me, who uses tools like CSSEdit and Smultron. (I'm looking into Espresso or Coda to streamline things.) I've designed sites to an extent, but most designers would refuse to call me a true "designer." Same with developers. They'd laugh at my feeble skills - yet, what I do is absolutely beyond Joe Average's comprehension. 


Will this Apple move change things? 


Some of you guys on this thread had some really good points. Will this Apple move result in a kind of democratization of the web? In other words, will this produce more people who can build sites (like iWeb) or will the knowledge gulf just be too wide?


Is it possible that Apple could make, like someone said, an Android of the web - where "regular folks" can build their own web experiences using a minimum of visible code?


As the tools and tech grow, would it be possible one day for one guy to easily develop a site to say, compete with Facebook? It's amazing that Apple has created an environment where a one-man shop can build an iOS app and take on EA. What is Apple going for here? 


Question 2. You guys are savvy. What do you think the next move is for the browser? I've seen some HTML 5 sites that have some really cool, flowing aspects. Is Apple simply trying the move from the web from relatively static websites to more dynamic (and gesture-friendly) web "experiences"? Maybe I'm overthinking, and this Apple move is just to do this. 


I may be totally off, but I'm imagining a future Apple.com where you can "try out" the iPhone using your trackpad on your computer. The "phone" on the site would be a virtual replica of the real thing. One day, the websites we use now will look as ancient as the old AOL looks today.


It's funny. I used to think Apple should've done what Wordpress did and build a "Super iWeb" IDE that would destroy the Adobe monopoly - take Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, etc. down in one fell swoop.


And P.S. offtopic - I just returned to XBMC after ignoring it for a few years and I am in love! The experience has me using Hulu and Crackle! Apple TV needs to take notice!

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