A *slender* USB 3.0 Flash Drive

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Has anyone found any USB 3.0 Flash Drives that are thin enough to fit in the USB 2.0 ports on an other MacBook (like a 2012 Thunderbolt MacBook)?

All the 3.0 grade flash drives that I've found so far seem to be over the 19mm port-to-port width of the older MacBooks (Many seem to be in the 21-23mm range) - thus if you plug the drive in, there might not be room in the neighboring ports for other USB cables.


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    Second result in Amazon. Looks pretty slim to me!

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    Just a stupid question by me. Why do you want a USB 3.0 Drive for a USB 2.0 device? I'm assuming you have another device that has USB 3.0. The Lacie Rugged Key USB 3.0 drives are very "slender" on one side, but not both. Sanidisk Extremes are also pretty slim.

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