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I recently purchased the Epson Stylus Photo 820, a 7-color printer that supposedly allows for "BorderFree" printing (full-bleed prints on 8.5x11 paper). However, I cannot seem to find an option to turn this feature on in the print windows (OS 9.2.2 or 10.2.2), and there does not seem to be any information regarding the technology on Epson's website. I was wondering if anybody knows how to turn this feature on in either Classic or Jaguar, as it would be great to print my photos or other graphics documents at full-size...


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    Someone said Gimp-print enables border free printing but I couldn't get it to work at all. I gave up pretty quickly though (BFP isn't that important to me). You might look into it.
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    Hmm... Although I haven't tried using gimp-print yet, I did find an article (by searching through <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>) that explains how to setup gimp-print. For those of you having similar problems as me, check out the arcticle at { <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; } - it seems to be pretty in-depth, so you shouldn't have too much trouble... Thanks!

    UPDATE: I just installed gimp-print and tried a test 8.5"x11" poster and it worked great! What I don't understand is why Epson hasn't utilized this technology in its "official" OS X drivers and why Apple didn't do something like gimp-print from the beginning... All I have to do now is calibrate my color a bit and my printer will be awesome!

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