Is the new A6X processor powerful enough to compete against the PS3?

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Is the A6X processor good enough to compete against the PS3 or Xbox360? Or would we need a possible A7X processor for that type of graphic horsepower? I'm just wondering what type of processor would be needed for Apple's rumored TV to compete with today's console game machines and their successors that will be coming out in the next 12-24 months.


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    Is the A6X processor good enough to compete against the PS3 or Xbox360?

    John Carmack who has developed games for all the devices said the iPad 2 was about half the performance of the consoles. The performance increased significantly with the iPad 3 but upping the resolution meant anything native resolution ran about the same or less than the iPad 2. If they've doubled the graphics power, the iPad 4 will be running HD graphics at similar frame rates to the consoles.

    It would be nice to see a full AAA game identical to a console game running just to see how close it is. Assassin's Creed or something like that.
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    I just wonder if Apple will just make the TV just a display and keep the processor in a seperate Apple TV console-like device that can be sold separately. An A7x processor which I assume will have big jump in performance could make the device maybe powerful enough to compete directly with the WiiU, next Xbox, and the ps4.
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    Apple should invest in triple A studio and bring in the best talent to make exclusive triple A games for new ipad 4 and above to take advantage of hardware.
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