iPhone Backup and Restore and IOS update

in iPhone edited January 2014
I have problem with my friends iPhone again. I have absolutely no idea why things never happened to me will happen on their iPhone.

She was trying to update to iOS 6, but her phone have little space left, so i decided to update from iTunes. Just when it has finish, the iTunes shows an error and state her iPhone was in recovery mode.

It then ask me if i want to restore from backup. I clicked yes, but it was taking up to 4 hours to restore. I pulled the plug and find the phone is actually updated to iOS 6. ( What? So what was that error about ). Would Restoring from Backup turns the phone back to iOS 5.1?

I also have another iPhone running a jailbreaked iOS 4.1, And she wants to update the phone back to normal iOS 6.0 again. Anything that i should be aware of? I am just going to do a simple update and it should turns the Phone into New iOS 6.0 with the Jail Break Apps unusable and delete them right?


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    Just connect to iTunes but don't update. You should get "Congratulations, your iPhone is now unlocked." If not, power the phone off (while connected) and power if back on. If that fails, try a sync. If that fails, let me know and we can try a deactivate via redsn0w (don't worry, no iOS 6 update).

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