Welcome To The Mobile Beta!

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Welcome, Mobile Beta Testers!

We know the main thing you want to do is just poke around and see things for yourself. So please dig in. Here are a few things you might find yourself wondering. 


How do I see the Mobile version?

1) Be sure you're logged in

2) Go to the homepage

3) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Mobile"


Why doesn't it show me Mobile automatically?

Don't worry, once the beta period is over, we'll automatically switch you based on what kind of device you're using to hit the site. For now you need to opt in manually.


I got switched back from Mobile to the standard Desktop site. What happened?

There are a few reasons this could happen:

  •  You logged out.

  •  You cleared cookies.

  •  You visited a pagetype that we don't have a Mobile version for yet (such as reviews or image galleries)

  •  An error occurred. If it happens again, please report it!


Does the Mobile site have all the same features?

No. Mobile currently supports Private Messages, Forums, Classifieds, Member Profiles, Articles, and Site Search. Other areas of the site like Reviews and Image Galleries will be added to the Mobile version as it develops. 


What do the stars and dots mean?

This and many other things are described visually in our Quick Start Guide


Nothing works on my phone.

We're very compatible with the default browsers in recent versions of iOS and Android. If you have an older phone, an alternative browser, or are using a different platform, like Blackberry, you may experience more trouble. Please let us know what you're seeing


Where do I report problems?

You're in the Mobile Feedback forum right now. Please post problems here. Open a new thread for each issue you encounter. This forum is linked from the bottom of every page on the Mobile site. 


Thanks! Happy browsing!

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