Hurricane Sandy made Me WISH I had an Apple TV

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Sandy hit, and I have power to one TV by generator but no TV or internet. Had I had an Apple TV, I could have downloaded and streamed to it some movies. 1/4 of the cell towers locally are out meaning that service sucks so now I'm just sitting here reflecting. Will be buying an Apple TV post-Sandy. If you're curious, I'm chronicling the horrors of not having internet on my blog. #firstworldproblems image


How did Sandy hit you?


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    If you didn't have Internet, then how would you have downloaded/streamed movies to it???
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    I knew a day or two in advance that I would lose power and likely the web from the storm. I even downloaded a comedy album onto my phone. I didn't expect 1/4 of the cell towers in the area to be knocked out though. I had a 3G device from Verizon and a 4G device from ATT at the ready, but I didn't count on the failing cell service. Luckily a place where I intern a few days a week is near Optimum Wifi, so I'm downloading a few movies there tomorrow while I work, and then I'll hook my computer up to my TV with an HDMI cable if I can find one lying around.

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