Online ordering

in iPad edited January 2014

(background:  got to apple as i said at 9am.. sold out.. apple store woman said "go online saturday night and order one for in store pick up and you can get it Sunday)


so here's a tangent question. store said whatever they don't sell gets offered to the public.. ok so how long do they hold orders for? when does this happen? and how do i get one i mean oh i'm confused...

can someone also explain the order process? someone goes online and orders an item and it says for store pick up then what? how do they know they can have it picked up?

i'm sorry to be so dumb with this 

it just s*cks that i waited for weeks for a mini and based on what i read here and friends told me i got to apple at 9am and they were sold out.. 

they prolly LOL'ed after i left thinking i could walk up and get one..

i'd love to know how many they got.. 5?


why not tonight after 10pm?


if i can order one sat for sunday then why are some people ordering now and waiting 2 weeks? 

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