iCloud on my pc won't load any of the apps.

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I am able to get on iCloud using my pc.  However, when I double click on the calendar, contacts, reminders or any other apps, it kind of freezes and I get the error message "Can't Load Calendar.  There was a problem loading the application"  I get this regardless of what application I try to run.  Of course it will change to "Can't Load Reminders, etc..."  Its been over two days now.  Anyone know what it could be?  I'm using Windows 7 on a Samsung laptop.  It was working fine before.  Just these last two days.  Thanks everyone.


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    I don't know if this is the same problem that I have had since November 1st, but I found that the web page of iCloud would be really slow to load, but then would allow me to log on fine. Once I attempted to access any of the facilities of iCloud I would get a message saying "can't load ..." with the options of Report or OK, the report would have the message "There was a problem loading the application due to a possible network error or missing resources". After uninstalling and then reloading way too many programs over the last few days (see you later pre-paid credit), this morning I thought to load Safari on my PC and used this to access iCloud.  So far all works fine. I am thinking it may have been a problem with Internet Explorer and iCloud.com. I have now set iCloud as the default homepage when I open Safari - easy access. Hope this helps. 

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    Thanks for the info.  I was using Internet Explorer while having those new problems.  I switched to Firefox and it works fine there, slow but it works.  I believe I updated the OS in my iPhone around the same time I began having problems with iCloud on my computer using IE 9.  I don't know if there can actually be a connection, but that is the only change I am aware of.  Again, it was working fine last week on I Explorer 9.  I guess I'll be using Firefox for a while for now.  I don't like the way my work emails show up on Firefox, but oh well.

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    Originally Posted by estrella View Post

    I was using Internet Explorer…


    Use Safari. It actually shows the Internet the way it was designed.

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    ufbjufbj Posts: 1member

    I have exactly the same problem. started a couple of days ago


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    Dianne - thank you very much indeed - was ready to throw all equipment out of the window, as was having the same problem.  Totally solved and you have saved me both a fortune and hours of headaches!  image

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    Any updates on this? I am having the same problem. Icloud apps always worked before with IE9 but they just stopped working. Icloud apps are working fine with google chrome.

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    Hi Dianne


    I've been trying for months to access my iCloud properly on my Samsung laptop, only to get the error message:


    "There was a problem loading the application"


    I have been using Internet Explorer.  I saw your post and decided to try Safari.  It now works like a dream!!!!


    Thank you Dianne!


    Have a wonderful day and a happy Christmas!!!


    Sue ;-)

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    Hi all, from Spain


    I am having the same problem from one week ago, suddenly. Same message of not being able to load the App at www.icloud.com (only for email and notes; the remaining of the iCloud apps work perfect), and notes and email are not working in any of my devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac Air).


    Also, according to http://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/, system status regarding icloud works perfectly


    My Safari version is updated as per today, so... what´s happening? (As Winston Churchill said about Russia: "iCloud is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma"... at least to me ;-) )

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    I am on a government computer in Afghanistan, downloading Safari or any other program isn't an option. Any other suggestions to get around this problem?

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    durbdurb Posts: 1member

    Go into Internet Options, Browsing history and delete the cookies and temporary files.  That should take care of it.

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    Originally Posted by durb View Post

    Go into Internet Options, Browsing history and delete the cookies and temporary files.  That should take care of it.

    Didn't help on mine back when I had the problem so I switched to Google Chrome and it worked. Internet explorer recently started working again. I suspect Apple was jacking around with the icloud code and did something.

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    That was the problem!  Once I used the Safari web browser to access iCloud.com , I was able to logon and open all of the applications!!   Thanks so much!

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