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Before Mountain Lion, there was an option under Sharing (system preferences>sharing>Internet sharing) to share from WiFi to Bluetooth PAN. I used it as a booster for my WiFi and connect with my mobile devices (router is in the basement). When I upgraded to ML beta whenever it came out, this function was taken away. My iPhone 5 is having a little trouble connecting to our network, so I wanted to do it, but then remembered that it didn't work anymore. Are there any programs to enable this, or anything? I don't want to use up my data, so this is sorta important.




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    Here is how it looked


    Here is how it looks now image

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    I was using bluetooth to reverse tether my iMac/iPad Mini running Mountain Lion/IOS until tonight, it failed. No idea why I was able to   set it up using PAN before and use it unless something in IOS7 killed it. But it worked after I 'upgraded' to IOS7 on the iPad Mini. These changes that take things away are not nice argh, 50 bad words. I have had ML on the iMac since I bought it...



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