smbd uses 98% of a CPU?

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I have a Graphite dual-G4/450 box with 1 GB RAM. It is running OS X Server 10.1.4 (can't get Jag Server until Feb 03-don't ask). It is being used for PC file and print services. Works pretty good, BUT:

I started using the CPU Monitor utility and soon realized that one of my CPUs is (almost) maxed-out most of the time. It appears to alternate symetrically sometimes (one CPU is maxed, then the other CPU spikes up, back and fourth) Whoa!

After running the "TOP" command in the CLI, I realized 2 odd things:

1) I noticed that the "process-gone-wild" is smbd (Samba), with the ID of 9088. It spikes up to 98% (of 1 CPU) all the time. Why is this?

2) The 2nd thing I noticed in the Terminal (again using the handy-dandy "TOP" command) is that I actually have *mutiple* smbd PIDs running. I think I have 4 usually, all named "smbd" ranging in PID from 3789 to 9088.

Is this correct? Should it be so CPU-intensive to run SMB services?

Are there mutiple smbd's running at the same time? Inherited sub-processes or what?

Can someone expand on this discovery, please?

What's really strange is that I only have about 4 Windows users (Win 98SE, 2k and XP) at any given time logged-in to the server. It is hardly used at all. They basically push tiny Word and PowerPoint files to and fro. No big Photoshop files, no multimedia streams, etc. All my computers are on a fast 10/100 switched LAN.

Any thoughts?

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