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Does anyone know or can speculate if apple would ever partner with a car company to offer an integrated in dash iPad system? I know there are after market installations of this, but I don't think they offer all the potential of a purpose built system. I envision something built seamlessly into the dash including power source, sound system, radio, maybe even climate control. Some thoughts:


  • itunes  

  • blue tooth integration with phone for hands free, over the speakers calling

  • navigation 

  • maintenance and milage apps that comunicate with car data

  • anti theft features that would integrate with iphone - "find my car"

  • pay parking apps  

  • it could be less expensive then normal iPads as thickness would be no issue. Larger hard drive, no battery issues, faster-less efficient processors (power is no concern).

  • could do all updates via wifi when parked at home. 

  • Siri button on steering wheel.

  • from a car manufacture perspective, this feature would be the deciding factor for some consumers.

  • from apples perspective, make a it upgradable/replaceable so people can have latest product if car lasts 15 years. Will sell more that way too. 


I could not find any thing indicating this was in the works, but it seems like a logical progression. Any other thoughts? 


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    So your looking for "MyFordTouch" ... but with Apple instead of Microsoft.


    I'd like to see that as well... I've got the MyFordTouch system in one of my vehicles... it's neat, great idea, and I don't want to give it up... but it's slow, clumsy and not very well-done from a design/usability viewpoint.


    I don't think the same system, designed by Apple, would be able to do MORE... but I can't help but think it would do it BETTER.

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