Powermac G3 All in One Questions

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One of my teachers just upgraded to OS X on his PM G3 All-in-one, and he is having some problems.

1) The Floppy drive doesn't work anymore. It did in 9.2, but in X.2, it doesn't do anything. I've checked all the connections, and they are fine. Any suggestions?

2) The printer he has is serial, so he needs a new one. He wants an Epson C80, but that is USB and the computer doesn't have USB. Will any USB card work, or only certain ones?

3) The ISP he is using doesn't work. He has the settings put in right, but nothing. He has a PC set up the same way, and it works, but not the mac. Why is this?



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    1) could it be that a internal floppy no longer works in OS X ? I think it's possible.

    Other possibilities to try:

    ? ask someone here on the board on their experiences with a G3 AIO and a floppy, maybe they can shed some light.

    ? external Zip or USB floppy (as replacement)

    2) any PCI USB card will work (of course, one for mac os x is necessary)

    3) You have to give us more info on this one.

    ? how does he connect to the internet ? (internal modem, cable, dsl, etc.)

    oh, and is he trying to use the internet on the mac and the pc at the same time ? (is a problem with some ISPs and network connections)

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    <a href="http://www.darwin-development.org/floppy/"; target="_blank">OS X floppy driver</a>.

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    where did you find this ?
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    Someone had a similar question on another forum a few months ago, so I just remembered that such a driver exists. Google did the rest.

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