Upgrade mid 2007 iMac to Core 2 Extreme X9000

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014

Has anyone upgraded the processor of the iMac7,1 to a Core 2 Extreme X9000?

Hexus attempted to use a Q-Spec (qualification) part on their iMac upgrade and failed. Failed in the sense that even if the iMac booted "System Report" stated that it was using a 700MHz part and benchmarks reflected performance much slower than the original processor installed.


But remember, this is not a shipping part.

As reported the X9000 has an unlocked multiplier and this was attributed by Hexus.com as the cause of the iMac reporting it as a 700MHz part. Is there a Mac application that can control the clock speed of or even overclock (OC) it? On the PC some manufacturers allow you to control the processor's clock speed via BIOS. Apple to my knowledge does not allow this in their EFI/BIOS.

I am not all that interested in OCing X9000 but more on putting the clock speed to it's native 2.8GHz speed. I worry that OCing the X9000 on the iMac7,1 will either cause more fan noise or damage the Mac.

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