Qualcomm calls Apple licensing efforts a "sham"

in General Discussion edited January 2014

Somewhat out of the blue Qualcomm has taken a swipe at Apple, saying they should be "embarrassed" by their FRAND licensing attitude. In a letter written to the ITC Qualcomm specifically calls Apple's fight against SEP licensing a "sham" saying:


"If Apple is not a willing licensee, and in any event there is no risk of an exclusion order (or injunction) shutting down a truly willing licensee, what is the real agenda? It is to shelter the unwilling licensee -- the infringer that, like Apple, has no interest at all in paying market-validated royalty rates. It is to ensure that SEP infringers can only be called to account under rules, and in fora, in which they may gain yardage, but can never lose."


Whether this is any indication of upcoming licensing issues with Qualcomm too in addition to Motorola and Samsung is an open question. In any event Qualcomm's accusations that Apple is an "unwilling licensee" with ulterior motives caught several industry bloggers by surprise.


It's obvious that Qualcomm is acting in it's own interests of course, but apparently current income from Apple isn't as important to them as their overall future licensing income.




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